Canada ETA Application

What You Should Know About The Canada ETA Application

Are you thinking of a place to spend your next vacation? If so, you may want to consider reserving hotel and travel accommodations to Canada. As a country that is known around the world for its natural beauty, Canada is covered with natural attractions like Cabot Trail, green vegetation, Niagara Falls, glaciers and snow clad mountains. However, before packing your bags, you need to know how to fill out a Canada ETA application so you can gain entry into Canada.

Understanding Canada ETA

Foreign nationals must have completed some paperwork before visiting Canada. However, these formalities depend on the country the foreign national is traveling from. This means that some of these travelers will need to have a visa, while others will not. Obviously, you will need a passport no matter what country you are planning to depart from, and in 2016, the country also added an additional entry requirement.

This entry requirement applies to visa exempt countries, and this requirement is known as Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The authorization is called electronic authorization because it is linked electronically to the passports of those who want to either transition through the country, or fly to the country. The authorization is valid for five years.

The authorization is required for nationals from the UK, the European Union, the British Commonwealth and several other countries.

What Prompted The Change?

The Canadian Government decided to add this extra entry requirement to help personalized the screening process of travelers. It has made it easier for officials to know who should and should not be entering the country, and who is too much of a risk to fly into the country.

However, it is comforting for Canadian citizens and travelers know that almost 75% of the foreign nationals entering into the country every year are traveling from countries where the ETA is necessary.

Are Children Required To Have An ETA?

Even children are required to have this travel authorization to enter Canada. Regardless of the child’s age, children will need to have the same travel documents as the adults they are traveling with. Also, keep in mind that border officers may ask extra questions and also ask for other documentation for children who are traveling on their own.

Travelers with permanent resident cards or Canadian visas that are still valid will not have to fill out a Canada ETA application. The entire process can be handled online, and the application results are immediately available.