Our current goal

The current goal of the Sarmy/Zarmy is to raise as much money as possible for the Epilepsy Foundation.






Visit Talkaboutit.org for lots of really great information on coping with Epilepsy from the mouths of some of our favorite celebrities!



Founders, Leaders, and what we do!

There is no one founder of the Sarmy. We formed in the Sylar General Appreciation Thread (created by Lauryn, password: shanti) on 9thwonders.com in June of 2007. A member named LOSTie declared that we were an army, and then a member named Mabes proclaimed we were the Sarmy. As for leaders, there are several members who work very hard in keeping the Sarmy running.

Ororo_Munroe runs our cafepress store. Mabes runs our website. SuperChris creates our promotional media. Leek constantly updates our list of members. Ashz created and maintains our official forum. Sheindie is a huge contributor in obtaining useful contacts for the Sarmy. Pure.Evil. is the spokesperson for European Sarmy members and helps us greatly as a moderator on the forum. The rest of our growing army helps to promote the Sarmy and keeps the morale up during charity projects.


Our Charity work!

Originally we were created to protect Sylar on the wonderful world of the internet. Within no time we had decided to do charity work because we wanted to help others. The Sarmy chooses charities that Zachary Quinto (who plays Sylar on the show) and other Heroes cast members support. Our current project is raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation by selling Sarmy merchandise. From our online store, all net proceeds go to this very important foundation.