What You Should Know About The Canada ETA Application

Are you thinking of a place to spend your next vacation? If so, you may want to consider reserving hotel and travel accommodations to Canada. As a country that is known around the world for its natural beauty, Canada is covered with natural attractions like Cabot Trail, green vegetation, Niagara Falls, glaciers and snow clad mountains. However, before packing your bags, you need to know how to fill out a Canada ETA application so you can gain entry into Canada.

Understanding Canada ETA

Foreign nationals must have completed some paperwork before visiting Canada. However, these formalities depend on the country the foreign national is traveling from. This means that some of these travelers will need to have a visa, while others will not. Obviously, you will need a passport no matter what country you are planning to depart from, and in 2016, the country also added an additional entry requirement.

This entry requirement applies to visa exempt countries, and this requirement is known as Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The authorization is called electronic authorization because it is linked electronically to the passports of those who want to either transition through the country, or fly to the country. The authorization is valid for five years.

The authorization is required for nationals from the UK, the European Union, the British Commonwealth and several other countries.

What Prompted The Change?

The Canadian Government decided to add this extra entry requirement to help personalized the screening process of travelers. It has made it easier for officials to know who should and should not be entering the country, and who is too much of a risk to fly into the country.

However, it is comforting for Canadian citizens and travelers know that almost 75% of the foreign nationals entering into the country every year are traveling from countries where the ETA is necessary.

Are Children Required To Have An ETA?

Even children are required to have this travel authorization to enter Canada. Regardless of the child’s age, children will need to have the same travel documents as the adults they are traveling with. Also, keep in mind that border officers may ask extra questions and also ask for other documentation for children who are traveling on their own.

Travelers with permanent resident cards or Canadian visas that are still valid will not have to fill out a Canada ETA application. The entire process can be handled online, and the application results are immediately available.

Ice Fishing Guides Alaska

Ice fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities in Alaska. If you prefer to indulge in this interesting activity, you need to pick the right Ice Fishing Guides Alaska. There are many guide services that operate in the area. Hence, you have to be careful when you shop for the best guide service in the area. Here are important tips to consider when you are searching forĀ Ice Fishing Guides Alaska.

The first thing to look for is whether the guide service is licensed to provider the particular service in Alaska. All guide services should be licensed with the relevant authorities in the area. If not, you may fall into trouble by hiring an illegal as well as inexperienced guide service in the area. This is why it is important to ask to see a copy of their license before you decide to hire the potential service for your ice fishing trip in Alaska. You need to reserve your spot with a reliable guide service in the area well in advance. This is because the service provider has to reserve heated ice fishing house for you. Most of the time, these houses are fast sold during the peak season. This is why you need to book your space in advance if you plan to travel to Alaska during the busy season.

Most of the guide services have winter clothes and gear that should be rented by the client. Advanced notice may be required to rent such equipment. This is why you need to reserve your clothes and gear in advance when you decide to fish in Alaska. You may find a host of these guide service by searching the Internet. Just perform a simple search on Google or any other search engine for this purpose. Make sure you check for customer reviews to see how their services are rated by existing and past clients. This will help you pick the right company for your trip in Alaska. The right company is vital to offer a great service and protect your while on the trip.

Prices of ice fishing would vary according to each company. The average price for 2 persons for 4 hours time is $175 each. If you have 3 people and you want to fish for four hours, you may have to pay around $150 each. This is why you need to compare the prices and service features offered by different guide services in the area before you decide to pick the best guide company in Alaska.

If you are looking to hire an ice fishing guide company in Alaska, you have come to the right place. With many services functioning in the area, picking the right company may not be easy after all. This is where your research comes in handy. There are many things to consider in this regard. The aforementioned tips will help you select the best ice fishing guide company in Alaska. It saves you so much of time and money in the long run.

About ESTA Visa

ESTA visa which is also known as travel and tourism visa stands for The Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. In simple terms, it is the result of the Visa Waiver Program approved by the appropriate agencies to allow foreign nationals, who want to travel to the US, enter and stay in the country without making the application for visa. However, they need to meet certain criteria to obtain this visa.

A number of countries are part of the Visa Waiver Program which means nationals of these countries do not need to apply for the traditional visa if they wish to stay in the US for up to 90 days. It is also important to mention here that it is not equivalent to the traditional visa. There are certain situations where you may need a full visa but in most cases, this will works for most people. So, when you want to go to the US for any business related reasons or want to travel to US by air or sea for tourism or you are a traveller who is just transiting through the US, you can apply for ESTA visa.

For making the application, you need to have a valid passport and you should be citizen of an eligible country. It is also important for you to know that this visa allows you to stay in the country for a maximum period of 90 days. In case you plan to stay in the country for more than 90 days, you need to apply for the other visa. The whole process is online and does not take too much time.

As far as the application process is concerned, it is recommended to make the request for this visa at least three days prior to the departure. In most cases, this visa is granted almost immediately. In case the authorisation for this visa isn’t granted, you will need to apply for the traditional visa through the American Embassy. The ESTA is valid for two years from the issue date but you may need to apply for a completely new visa under certain circumstances. You also need to know that your passport should be valid for a period of at least six months beyond the period of the intended stay in the US.

However, if you’re not comfortable making the application on your own, you can also take the help of certain companies that can help you with the process and make sure the application is made in the right manner.

All About Indian Visa Online

All foreign nationals who plan to travel to India need to have a valid travel document. It should be in the form of a passport and a valid visa from an Indian Mission in the respective country. All applicants are requested to apply for the Indian visa online to save time and money in the process. In fact, the easiest way to get an Indian visa is to apply for an Indian visa online through their online application link. The duly signed physical application should be submitted to the Indian Mission or the IVAC (Indian Visa Application Center) in your respective countries on the day of the interview with all the supporting documents. This article provides information on the application process for obtaining an Indian visa.


Wherever the online visa application process has been implemented, the traveler has to apply through the online channel. No handwritten application forms will be entertained from such applicants. The successfully completed application form should be duly signed and forwarded to the Indian mission or IVAC on the date of your interview. The Government of India issues a wide variety of visa categories such as business visa, e-visa, diplomatic visa, conference visa, emergency visa, employment visa, journalist visa, entry visa, missionaries visa, medical visa, tourist visa, transit visa, student visa, research visa, and intern visa.


After receiving your application directly or via the IVAC, a minimum of three working days are required to process the application and issue the visa. In fact, the processing time may vary depending on your nationality and special occasions. The applicant should upload a digital photograph of self in order to complete the visa application. The format of the photograph should be JPEG and the size should be between 10 KB to 300 KB. The height and width of the photograph should be equal. In fact, the photograph should present the full face of the applicant – front view with the eyes open. It should have a white or plain light colored background. There shouldn’t be any shadows on the face or background of the photograph. These are some of the most important things to consider when applying for an Indian visa.


In conclusion, it is easy to apply for an Indian visa through the website of the respective Indian mission in your country. The above article provides information on what you should consider when applying online for an Indian visa.

How To Apply For And Obtain A ESTA Waiver

As you are planning a trip to the United States, you need to realize that, for extended stays, you need to have a visa waiver attached to your passport. There are many countries where you are eligible to apply for a free visa entry as part of the Visa Waiver Program. You can find this list on many websites to verify that you are in these countries. It is required by the DHS. Let’s look at how you can apply, how fast it will be, and how much it will cost to do this.

Overview Of The Visa Waiver Program

The ESTA waiver program can be accessed on the Internet. You go to the Department of Homeland Security website. Once you are there, you will navigate to the place where you can access the application. It is there that you will fill everything out. It is important to have all of your personal information ready to enter in, and a credit card or debit card to make your payment. Once done, if you don’t have a record of any type, you should be able to receive this visa after submitting it based upon the computer program that will check your background.

How Long Will It Take To Get?

Many people have filled out the application and submitted it, only to find that they are approved less than a minute later. This will be immediately attached to your passport, making you completely legal to come into the United States. It could take as long as three days for it to be fully confirmed. Once you have been approved, your work will be done. It is that easy to get these, and in no time at all, you will be traveling to America and will be allowed in.

These programs are set up in order to make sure that people are properly screened before coming into the United States. If they are able to do so several weeks before they leave, this will be more than enough time to make sure that everything is properly connected. If you have time today, you should consider filling out the ESTA waiver application, allowing you to be approved very quickly. It is a necessary step if you are visiting the United States, or even if you are coming over to work for a little while. Go to that website and get your application submitted right away.

Finding Cheap Parking Near Oakland Airport

If you are planning on flying out of Oakland airport anytime soon, you are going to want to make sure that you find affordable parking. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways in which you should be able to find cheap parking near Oakland airport. The key is knowing where to look. In this article, we will be going over some of the best ways to find all kinds of cheap parking near Oakland airport.

Finding Cheap Parking:

1. Travel Forums.

One of the very best ways to find all kinds of parking advice would be by using the different traveling websites and forums on the Internet. By using traveling forums such as Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet, you should be able to find all kinds of different advice in regards to the various lots that you can park at. Not to mention, you can sign up for the forums yourself and ask personalized questions if you have any. This way, you will be able to get real answers and advice from actual fellow travelers.

2. Parking Applications.

Another great way to find great deals on parking in the Oakland area if you are flying out of the airport is by downloading and using parking applications on your favorite mobile device. There are a lot of different applications that you are going to be able to take advantage of and use in order to gain access to great and affordable rates for parking. This is a good way to find all kinds of different lots that you can actually park at without having to look all over the place while you are driving. This way, you should be able to narrow down your options and even have your GPS point you into the direction and guide you to the parking lot. The good thing about these applications are the built in payment option which will allow you to use your credit card to purchase your ticket rate using your mobile phone.

3. Yelp.

Yelp is another great way to find all kinds of parking advice for your parking needs. If you are looking for parking near the airport, you should be able to find affordable rates by searching on Yelp and seeking the advice from other people. There are a lot of different parking options on Yelp and you should be able to tell whether or not they are affordable rates by looking at the reviews and seeing what everyone is saying about the lot and it’s rates.

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to find affordable parking if you are heading to Oakland airport. Ideally, you are going to want to do some research beforehand in order to avoid having to settle for the first parking lot that you see if you are in a hurry. By using mobile applications for your payment needs, you should be able to get directed to the lot and pay directly through the application.